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Our Mission

To educate, advocate, and create community around the healing and transformational power of psychedelics.

Our Vision

We provide support, resources, and a safe container for those seeking guidance in healing, spiritual growth and personal development through psychedelics. We serve to foster the development of an informed culture that respects indigenous lineage, scientific research, harm reduction principles, ethics, and personal responsibility in the intentional use & facilitation of psychedelic medicine.

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About The Founders



Daniel Polk is a Certified  Medicine Guide and Integration Coach. Formally, he trained in expanded states of consciousness through the School of Consciousness Medicine, completed training in the Hakomi Method of somatic mindfulness psychotherapy, studied Internal Family Systems Therapy for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, and trained in Presence Based Coaching®️. Based in Asheville, NC. Daniel is dedicated to supporting others through their deep emotional and spiritual journey work. His holistic approach focuses on our relationships with Body, Mind, Spirit, Community, and Environment. Daniel strives to embody the three qualities of Wisdom, Creativity, and Love. He is supported by his loving fiancée, two cats, and a therapy dog.



Since experiencing a life-defining psychedelic rebirth in 2008, Ehren has pursued the mindful study & use of sacramental entheogenic compounds as a cornerstone of self-actualization, spiritual growth & servant leadership. Over the past 14 years, this path of inner discovery has evolved through a life devoted to Ceremonial practice, high performance training, transformational event curation, and psychedelic facilitation. To date, he has facilitated over 90 high dose 1 on 1 psychedelic journeys. Ehren Cruz is a Historian & Anthropologist, Third Wave Psychedelic Certified Coach (CCP1), CTA & ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Master Ceremonialist, Trained Harm Reductionist, Loving Husband & Proud Father of 3 Little Ladies


Daniel Casciato


Daniel Casciato has explored altered states of consciousness for over 20 years. He was raised hunting and fishing in the woods of Southwestern Pennsylvania- where the oldest human settlement in North America is found. Ancient, indigenous wisdom still beckons him. Dan’s transformational work is rooted in nature, animism, ecology, and myth. His academic training is in psychology, neuroscience, and mechatronic engineering. He is also a classically trained artist, permaculturist, and father.

Sarah Levine


Sarah Levine is a psychedelic practitioner whose passion is in helping others safely prepare for, navigate, and integrate transpersonal experiences. She is a Certified Transformational Recovery and Psychedelic Integration Coach with Being True To You. She Co-founded Group KAP (Group Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy), where she facilitates in-person ketamine workshops for groups of people while exploring novel frameworks for integrating psychedelic therapies into society. Sarah has worked with over 300 clients as a Psychedelic Guide with Mindbloom, a virtual ketamine clinic where she has helped transform lives all over the country. She is Tripsitters trained, trauma-informed, and is a certified herbalist who studies and practices Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Having concentrated in Ecopsychology at Prescott College, her work supports others in reclaiming a connection to the natural world and considers psychedelic states to be a catalyst for enhancing our sense of relatedness and belonging to our wild, resilient planet.


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